The Newington Police Department is currently hiring for 3 Full-Time Police Officer positions. Non-Certified and Certified candidates can apply directly by completing the application below and the other requirements listed in the  Patrol Officer Job Description located on the bottom of this page.

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The Newington Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Discrimination based upon age, sex, race, color, marital status, physical or mental handicap, religious creed, national origin or any other non-merit factor is prohibited.

Welcome to our employment section of our website. This is the first step of your interest in becoming a member of the Newington Police Department.

The Newington Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.

The Newington Police Department is a member of the Great Bay community College Police Testing Alliance. At least twice a year, the Alliance offers testing to establish an eligibility list from which the member agencies draw applicants. The standardized testing is comprised of general intelligence segment with a psychological component. Each Alliance member’s hiring process is unique to that organization.

Candidates applying to the Newington Police Department must be 21 years old by date of appointment. Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED. However, an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or Military equivalent is preferred.

Newington Police have implemented the following processes to determine the most qualified candidate who will be extended an offer of employment:

  1. When a vacancy exists, employment ads will be placed on Law Enforcement websites, advertised through New England Colleges and local military installations. Additionally, invitations to submit a resume and a completed application packet are sent to those qualified by the Police Testing Alliance test results.
  2. Only those candidates scoring 80% or better on the written test will receive further consideration by the Newington Police Department. However, certified police officers in the State of New Hampshire or any state whose police officer certification will be accepted by the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council are eligible for a written test waiver.
  3. Candidates selected for review as a result of the written test must pass a physical fitness/agility test. The Newington Police Department uses the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council Physical Fitness Assessment criteria to measure candidates’ physical fitness eligibility. Candidates must pass all phases of the assessment at 35% or greater for their age group and gender in order to receive further consideration.
  4. Those that successfully complete the fitness assessment will be invited to participate in an oral board. The board is an interview panel comprised of police officers and community representatives. A validated questionnaire with numerical scoring is used to rate the values, general knowledge, life-skills, and abilities of each candidate.
  5. After completing the above phases, top candidates must accept a Conditional Offer of Employment before progressing further in the process.
  6. A comprehensive background investigation conducted by a trained and qualified Newington Detective will be ongoing. This phase of the process includes, but not limited to, verifying U.S. citizenship, education credentials, professional/employment history, financial history, personal and professional reference checks, social media accounts, criminal and motor vehicle history, etc.
  7. A medical exam will be conducted by a licensed physician approved by the Newington Police to determine continued eligibility. This component is required for entrance into the New Hampshire Police Academy (NHPSTC)
  8. Psychological Evaluation. A qualified psychologist will administer a series of written exercises and conduct a personal interview(s) of each candidate. A comprehensive report identifies mental health status, personality traits and other psychological factors that serve to measure probable future performance.
  9. Polygraph Examination. A certified polygraph examiner will administer the polygraph test, to measure the candidates’ truthfulness throughout the selection process. Questions will be asked about information reported in the candidates’ background packet.
  10. The final phase of the hiring process is a meeting with the Chief of Police and the Newington Police Commission.

At the conclusion of the hiring process, the Chief of Police will provide the selected candidate with a letter offering employment. The letter will include starting salary and requirement to complete a one-year probationary period.

No person shall be eligible for hire with the Newington Police Department if within the past 36 months before the applicator for hire, has illegally used a controlled substance other then marijuana, unless the applicant was under the age of 21 at the time of using the controlled substance, in which case 24 months shall apply. Applicants shall not be considered for hire if they have used marijuana within 12 months before the application for hire.

No person shall be eligible for hire with the Newington Police Department with any Felony convictions.


The Newington Police Department is currently hiring. Non-Certified and Certified candidates can apply directly by completing the application below and the other requirements listed in the below Patrol Officer Job Description.

Patrol Officer Job Description Download Employment Application


Great Bay Police Testing Alliance

NH Police Standards & Training Council

The Town of Newington