The SERT Team was formed in September of 2001. After sifting through the legalities of forming the Seacoast Response Team, an in-depth testing process was put on for officers from eleven different police agencies in the seacoast area.  These officers were required to fit strict criteria as far as performance and discipline, and also had to complete a rigorous physical agility process. The only way an officer could take part in this process was to be recommended by their Chief.  The towns involved in this coalition formed a Board of Directors, which consists of the police chief from each town. This team has proven to be an incredible success.  Since its formation, the team has responded to several incidents where terrorism or violence is possible, and incidents to arrest dangerous felons or drug traffickers. The existence of this team should be reassuring to the residents of Newington, because of the type of incidents the team has ended in a safe, efficient manner.